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They say that when you are free of mind and heart, you can transform, believe and create anything. After different chapters that happened in our lives, we met by chance and planned a trip. We had everything and nothing but we just decided to walk, we arrived at the Tayrona and we only walked … We talked very little about the subject, only things of the moment, what we would eat, what we would do, where we would go. We laugh, remembering any moment of our lives. Finally after walking 4 hours we arrived, we settled and went to sit on the beach to watch the sunset until the night came. We were quiet, we reflected, it was as if each one was with himself.

We were 5 days, we enjoyed every moment, we played, we ate, we ate, we explored. It was a different escape, we could stay there but we all had a plan B for what was happening. We arrived in Medellin and each one in his own. We chatted from time to time until one of us cited to go eat.

He had a very good idea, we talked about it, we landed it, it’s something we wanted to do long ago. It seemed incredible to us to do what we liked and what we most knew how to do, it was as if the idea itself needed us. We were very enthusiastic, we gathered several ideas and got the name, we started from the house.

When we can travel, when we want to rest we do it but we have never been bad to a client, we work very informal, we reinforce everything with creativity and emotion. We know that we work with people like us and we are excited that the client risks the new, the change. Why it was like this, that we got here, risking to think differently, to see that things can change and always with the best energy. That’s why I’ve always said, not everything is work, not everything is fun, not everything is everything. We must balance our lives and if it is necessary to stick an escape to reflect, we must do it, even if it is at the corner.

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