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Recently the renowned social network launched its new feature called ” Instagram TV ” that allows you to record videos up to one hour with what will compete with YouTube and other platforms in the digital world. But beyond the new communication window created by Instagram. The public opinion focused on asking if ” IGTV ” will allow the ” Instagramers ” will also be able to generate profits as the ” youtubers ” do. Instagram CEO, Kevin Systrom, during the presentation of the application, said that at first the instagramers (instagram users) will not generate money but it is expected that an agreement will be reached to monetize the most outstanding videos. With this, the door was opened so that the possibility of receiving income for making videos on ” Instagram TV ” is a reality. The new Instagram feature will be launched through an independent application, but its content is available from the Instagram platform for all users. Since June 21, Instagram TV is available for both iOS and Android.

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